Some folly

The science fiction readers, writers, collectors and artists group on LinkedIn has a monthly micro-story contest. This is my entry from March 2013. The constraints are that the story has to feature a ruin, a rescue, and the color green.

I couldn’t tell if the damn thing was a folly that the Kays had constructed, or a genuine ruin.

Either way, it sat down in the end of the cultivated part of their formal garden, practically overgrown with verdant evergreens.

Either way, it was too cool to be sitting out here at night, and the only place that looked even vaguely comfortable to sit on was covered in dust and cobwebs. The raucous sounds of drunk party-goers rang out from the great patio of the house.

“I actually do appreciate it,” she said. “That moron was boring me to sleep, and you arrived right before I had to make a scene.”
“No problem,” I lied.

The light of both moons softly, softly illuminated the scene.