The stories of the Mars Colony Administrators Handbook

A while ago I wrote a series of articles about the challenges involved in building a colony on Mars. You can find the first post here if you haven’t read them

I’ve been thinking since then about what the lives of the colonists would actually be like. The articles had a few short sections that play “what if”, but they’re intended to be essays, not fiction.

I’ve started writing some short fiction to try and tell the stories of those colonists. The idea isn’t to write “big” high-concept SF along the lines of Kim Stanley Robinson’s trilogy, but rather to tell small, personal stories about people living in a high-probability version of what the Mars colony could really be like.

I’ll post them here when they’re good and ready, but first I could really use the help of a few people to bounce ideas off of, and to kick my rear end when my writing sucks (probably most of the time). If you’re up for some free (light) editorial labor, in exchange for reading early drafts, please get in touch.