I’ve had many essays and articles published in a variety of media. This list is just for fiction, and it excludes a number of items that I can’t recall the details for.



  • Bob the Hipster Knight (Read online)
    Amazing Stories (pub date October 2016)
    * This story was a top ten finalist in the first Gernsback competition.
  • The Curator of Providence In VISIONS IV: Between the Stars
    (May 2016, ed Carrol Fix, pub: Lillicat Publishers, 270 pages, ISBN: 978-0996625555)


  • Down in the Noodle Forest In Visions of the Future
    (December 2015, ed. J. Daniel Batt, a Lifeboat Foundation publication, 682 pages, ISBN: 978-0692513781)
  • Tombaugh’s Frozen Heart In VISIONS III: Kuiper Belt
    (December 2015, ed Carrol Fix, pub: Lillicat Publishers, 340 pages, ISBN: 978-0996625524)
  • The Archetypes of Titan In VISIONS II: Moons of Saturn
    (August 2015, ed Carrol Fix, pub: Lillicat Publishers, 236 pages, ISBN: 978-0991642625)



  • An Invasion of Ideas In Theme-Thology: Invasion (September 2013, ed: Charles Barouch & Sydney Elise, pub: HDWPbooks, 252 pages, ISBN: 978-1-62604-001-4)